The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance

Founder/Artistic Director

Candice Clarke

Candice2Candice started her career in dance at the tender age of ten. This journey began at the Cama School of Performing Arts, under the direction of Claudia Applewhaite. She then joined the Astor Johnson Repertoire Dance Workshop at age 12 where she received several leads and promotion to the company’s professional dancers.
Not long after, she received a scholarship to learn the fundamentals of ballet at the Caribbean School of Dance. At age 16,  she became the youngest to be selected to join, the National Dance Company of T&T. Candice has worked with numerous well known choreographers, such as Gary DeMatas, Allan Balfour, Ronald Taylor, Sonja Dumas, Roxanne Fung, Carol La Chapelle, Patricia Roe and Torrance Mohammed, just to name a few.
Candince can boast of achieving some memorable milestones in her career, the hosting and staging of international dance productions and workshops such as :

  • Art Starts in association with the Toronto Public Library in Canada on December 22nd and 23rd, 2010
  • Jamaica at Little Theatre Kingston on the other in New York on August 23rd 2011 at The Ailey Citygroup Theatre, Manhattan.

In addition to these, she was successful in bringing home the gold and bronze medal at the World Championship for the Performing Arts 2015 in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

But to date Candice’s biggest achievement has been to finally achieve a long hard dream, the launch of her very own professionally outfitted state of the art dance studio with wall to wall mirrors in march 2016. With this new facility she can continue her professional dance training program to develop our youths worldwide.


  • Degree Awarded Certificate in Dance and Dance Education from the University of The West Indies
  • BA in Theatre Arts (pursing) with the University of The West Indies
  • Diploma in Business Management from Association of Business Executives (ABE), United Kingdom
  • Creative Director and Founder of The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance and Expressions Dance Workshop
  • Performing Arts Teacher II with the Ministry of Education of T&T
  • Former Secretary 2004 – 2008 The National Dance Association of T&T
  • Professional Dancer
  • Choreographer
  • Teacher
  • Director/Producer
  • Creator of new dance genre Dance Creola
  • Editor in Chief “Dance Creola Magazine”
  • Designer “Dance Creola Wear”










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To offer youths guidance, create new dance concepts by exploring all aspects of movement vocabulary and...
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LEVELS 1 - 3
They focus on rhythm and movement vocabulary to grasp elementary principles of ballet ... addition to balance and flexibility to master the intermediate principles of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, Caribbean (African and Indian) folk...
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