The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance

CCAD Administration

Faculty of Teachers

Candice Clarke – Performing Arts Instructor (teaching all genres including the elements of drama)
Precious Hospedales – Modern Contemporary Instructor and Folk Instructor
Chantal Simon-Thompson – Intermediate and Advance Ballet Instructor
Chelsea Andell – Elementary Tap Instructor and Modern Contemporary Instructor
Priscilla Gueverra – Hip Hop Instructor
Akeem Ayres – Acrobatic Instructor
Mellissa Mc Allister – Child/Parent Class Instructor in Movement Vocabulary

Contracted Teachers

Isaiah James of New York – Tap Instructor trained by the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in New York

Management Team

Principal/Founder – Candice Clarke
General Manager – Jean Clarke-Mills
Administrative Support – Gail Hinds and Jameela Al-Razi
Production Mentor – Torrance Mohammed


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Mission Statements
To offer youths guidance, create new dance concepts by exploring all aspects of movement vocabulary and...
Dance Classes
LEVELS 1 - 3
They focus on rhythm and movement vocabulary to grasp elementary principles of ballet ... addition to balance and flexibility to master the intermediate principles of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, Caribbean (African and Indian) folk...
Who We Are

The CCAD embodies the spirit of fun and vibrancy that continues to grow from strength to strength...