The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance

General Manager


Jean Clarke-Mills

General ManagerMs Clarke-Mills is the loving mother of Ms Candice Clarke-Andell and has always been a pillar of support for Candice from the beginning of her career as a dancer to Creative Director and Founder of The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance.

 At the Academy Ms Clarke-Mills wears the hat as General Manager of CCAD, where she continues to give her overall general support in the day-to-day operations of the business, her extensive support is noted as she shares in the realization of the vision of her daughter and the Academy.

General Manager of CCAD is an understatement, from receipting to invoicing; coordinating to overseeing;  encouraging to nurturing all dancers; is some of the many things that Ms Clarke-Mills does under her portfolio, which has brought her much love and respect by both parents and dancers of the Academy.

Jean also manages the production administration at home and on tours and coordinates the front of house” (entrance, lobby and seating area of the theatre) and box office. She tracks ticket sales, manages box office staff, deals with patron complaints and reports box office earnings to the dance Academy.

Although the man functions as highlighted above deals with the administrative and financial activities of CCAD, Ms Clarke-Mills main goal and objective is to ensure the organization’s stability and longevity.











Mission Statements
To offer youths guidance, create new dance concepts by exploring all aspects of movement vocabulary and...
Dance Classes
LEVELS 1 - 3
They focus on rhythm and movement vocabulary to grasp elementary principles of ballet ... addition to balance and flexibility to master the intermediate principles of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, Caribbean (African and Indian) folk...
Who We Are

The CCAD embodies the spirit of fun and vibrancy that continues to grow from strength to strength...