The Candice Clarke Academy of Dance

Triple S - victoria secretWHAT IS TRIPLE S ALL ABOUT?

(1) It is a woman’s fitness program to SHAPE, SCULPT and STRUT your stuff, all exercises and routines are designed to boost confidence so women will continue to feel good about themselves..

(2) Women have an opportunity to workout not in sneakers only but HIGH HEELS, doing it this way a woman’s legs can become tone faster, her calves will begin to show definition and heart rate will certainly go up…

(3)This type of workout also breaks the fear for women who do not think they can walk in high heels… at the end of the class you would learn the exercises for wearing heels, the proper way to walk in them, balance and the confidence to keep them on all day/night at any social event…

What are you ladies waiting on come lets bring out the woman in you, lets feel beautiful again… I know I do…

Call me 766-5671 to book your space tomorrow… muwah 

Ms. Candice Clarke-Andell
Creative Director/Choreographer
The Candice Clarke Academy Of Dance (CCAD)
…dance with a cause…

(868) 766-5671 (mobile)
(868) 755-6917 (office)
(646) 340-2241 (international)


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To offer youths guidance, create new dance concepts by exploring all aspects of movement vocabulary and...
Dance Classes
LEVELS 1 - 3
They focus on rhythm and movement vocabulary to grasp elementary principles of ballet ... addition to balance and flexibility to master the intermediate principles of ballet, modern, jazz, tap, hip hop, Caribbean (African and Indian) folk...
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The CCAD embodies the spirit of fun and vibrancy that continues to grow from strength to strength...